Samsung galaxy s8+ stolen phone tracker

The way they work is by sending out a very small signal, and whenever one tracker passes by another, anywhere in the world, its location is saved so you can find it on a map. Locate a missing item in seconds with the TrackR Bravo, putting an end to wasted time spent hunting around for those misplaced keys, phones and other everyday bits. Simply attach the small, discreet and useful Tile Mate to an item and locate it quickly and easily with Bluetooth tracking. Now you know how to track your phone, go through these extra tips which will help prevent it getting lost.

How to Track a Samsung Phone using GPS or IMEI Number

You should always put a passcode on your phone to keep your data on it safe - that'll stop anyone from being able to get to your pictures or other personal info if they were to get hold of your phone. The IMEI of your phone is unique code that can be used to identify it. If it is lost or stolen you'll normally need to give this code to the police to file a report, as well as your network and insurance companies. The IMEI can help to track the phone if it is handed in, and your network can use it to block it, so that noone can make any calls or use up your data on it.

Technical support

You should try and backup your phone regularly, so that if it does get lost or you have to wipe it, then you won't lose all your pictures, settings and other data. There's a few different ways you can back up your phone, such as Samsung's Smart Switch software which can back it up to a computer, or using the built in backup on your Galaxy S8.

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If your phone is lost while it's on silent mode, then you won't be able to call it and listen out for the ringtone. Instead of using silent mode, you can use the phone's 'Do not disturb' feature, which you can schedule to keep the phone silent some times like during the day at work , and switch it back to loud mode at other times. You can also add 'exception' contacts, and when one of these numbers rings you, the phone will ring, even if Do not disturb is turned on.

Putting some contact info on your lock screen, such as a phone number or email address, can be a good way to provide someone who might find your phone a way of contacting you to get it back. You can even leave a little message like 'if found, please contact me' which will hopefully encourage them to get in touch.

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  5. Although older batteries might have suffered from 'overcharging', modern batteries perform best when kept topped up. Keeping the battery charged will also mean that if it ever does get lost, then the battery might last long enough for you to track it or call it. Hopefully, with all these tips and bits of info, you should be able to keep track of phone, and keep it safe. When your kit's fully broken, you need it fixed fast.

    Samsung Galaxy S9: How to Track and Locate Missing Device (Find My Mobile)

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    How do they know the phone is lost or stolen?

    Improve it Picture Perfect. Computer Healthcheck. Hardware Install. Samsung Find My Mobile. Setting up Find My Mobile. From the Home screen, open Settings. Tap on Lock screen and security. Scroll down and tap Find My Mobile. If you are signed in, skip to step 8. You can add a picture if you like, then tap Done.

    [Q] Tracking a lost phone - When thief is no… | Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N

    Using Find My Mobile. Put in your details, and press Sign in. Google Find My Device. Setting up Find My Device.

    Samsung Find My Mobile

    Scroll down and tap Cloud and accounts. Tap Google. Scroll back up and tap Connections at the top. How to use Google Find My Device. Sign in with your Google account. McAfee Mobile Security. Download here. Open McAfee Mobile Security on your phone. Tap Find Device , then tap Theft Protection. Tap Activate , then on the next screen tap Activate again. Find your phone with McAfee Mobile Security. Log in with your email address and password. Lookout Mobile Security Free upgrades available.

    S8 Efs Wipe

    Open Lookout from your Home screen. Tap Continue to allow Lookout to use some bits of your phone. Tap Allow on the pop-ups. Still you can try at myaccount. This may work and is worth a try. Then he won't be able to do much with your phone Unless you rooted it. He, probably knows that it won't work, and might have never tried resetting it. If he didn't know that and he did a reset, he will be asked to login to YOUR Google account to continue using it. There is also a possibility that the phone was never stolen Nov 24, 5 0 Thanks, is there anyway to prevent the factory reset of an adroid device?

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper No, there isn't really. The idea behind the factory reset protection feature is to deter theft by making the phone useless if you reset it. But there's no way of preventing a reset if someone knows how to get into recovery. Well you could if you sabotaged the recovery module, but that has huge risks and I'd not recommend it.

    Plus you need to unlock the bootloader to do anything to recovery, and that will reset the device itself - and if you can do it, so could a hypothetical knowledgeable thief.