Cell phones for kids with gps tracking

While many budget Android devices can be running on outdated hardware or software, the Moto E5 is up-to-date with recent processors and Android 8. If you want to get your teen a highly capable smartphone but worry they might destroy it and waste a lot of money, the Galaxy S8 Active is right up your alley. The Galaxy S8 Active screen is sharp, the camera is great, and the battery is forgiving if your teen forgets to charge it one night. In other words, it can handle a lot of carelessness. We dropped one screen-first onto a stone floor from five feet up, and the screen was fine.

See the Galaxy S8 Active here. The perk of its age is that it comes at a very low price for an Apple device. Fortunately, this is an issue that can easily be fixed with an affordable iPhone SE case. See the iPhone 7 here See the iPhone 8 here.


The Moto Z2 Play fits nicely in the middle as a pick for teens. It features mid-range hardware at a mid-range price. The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass, and the internals are safe from splashed water with a water repellent nano-coating. Moto Mods will also give your teen options for enhancing the features or their phone, such as adding a more advanced camera or doubling the size of the battery.

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5 Best Basic Phones for Kids

Spying on your child? Thought that would catch your attention. February 16, February 14, February 10, How To Edit Privacy Settings On Social Media Though the joy and benefits of social media can most certainly not be ignored but there are certain privacy risks that need to taken into. February 8, Why Open Communication with Our Kids Is More Vital Now Than Ever Although many are called to parenthood, few have the skill and the perseverance to be effective moms and dads, the kind that raise well-balanced, confident,.

February 6, No more excuse like: I didn't know, I didn't see what time it was, etc. Kids love to take photos, selfies and make videos. Some smartwatch for kids has a forward-facing camera with selfies and video recording options.

After taking a photo, kids love to personalize it with a unique frame, effect or filter. Some watch will allow the child to edit the pictures and videos. I'm on the fence with this feature. I want my kids to be creative and enjoy music. But on the other hand, I think they watch too much television.

Depending on the smartwatch you get for your kids, some can play music and videos tv show or movies. This is indeed a feature you need to put boundaries on. Just like mom and dad, kids can now have their own personal calendar with notifications and reminders.


The 11 Best Kids GPS Cell Phone Watches of 2018

Such a great way to keep track of sports practices, homework and birthdays. Parents can also assign a task to their kids, and the watch will send reminders to the kid. This feature will help them with responsibilities and boost their self-esteem by becoming more responsible. Some smartwatch models will have built-in games, and some will have the possibility to load more games. They offer a wide range, from virtual pet to calculator. You can find a game that is fun for your kid and also educational.

If it's helping my kid to improve his vocabulary or to learn about geography, I'm all in, and I don't feel guilty. If you want my advice on which GPS tracker is the best for you kid, check out this list I created of the top GPS tracker and smartwatches for kids. Before you choose the best smartwatch for your kid, you must consider the following factors.

In my opinion, they make a tremendous difference between a good smartwatch and a useless piece of technology. Read the technical specification and make your own test when you receive the watch. Make sure you keep the receipt. If the GPS watch you got for kid can't tell accurately where your kid is currently located, well it's no good. Check if the smartwatch can pinpoint exactly where your child is. Test it outdoor but also indoor, because the GPS device could have limitation and you want to know about them before it's too late.

Any wireless device may have a limitation when it comes down to the range covered by the signal. Make sure you are full-aware of those limitations before your kids leave the house with it. The range shouldn't be a problem if the watch is connected to the 2G or 3G network. As long as their cell phone tower close. Just like cell phone reception or baby monitor, it can be challenging to get good reception inside a building. Because of the structure, the walls, the other wireless device, etc. Make sure the watch work inside the house, the school, the mall, the indoor sports complex or wherever else your child might use the watch indoor.

When you mix technology and kids, you want to make sure the device can take a large amount of suffering. The wristband, the GPS tracker and the touch screen must be shock resistant.

KidsConnect | KidsConnect KC2 4G GPS Tracker Phone

Kis like to play with water and that why you need a watch that is water-resistant. A water-resistant watch will assure you that your kid will not take it off at the pool and forgets it. The most of models will be waterproof but check the specs because some advertise waterproof, but it's only in 3 feet of water and up to 30 minutes. You might want to know those little details before sending your kids to the pool with his brand new and expensive smartwatch.

All of the cool features of a smartwatch for kids are no good if the battery cant holds up. From what I found, the most model will last from 24 to 72 hours on a single charge. Some can operate longer when on standby mode. I would love to have a watch that could last a couple of days before needing a recharge. This can make a massive difference between a useful watch or a left-at-home-because-the-battery-is-dead type of smartwatch.

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Make sure your kid can operate the watch. The touchscreen or the button must be easy to use and understand. See how simple it is for your kid's little fingers to answer your call or reach out for help. Also, the watch must be comfortable to wear. You can personalize the colors and styles for the watch.

You kids will appreciate having his own custom smartwatch. So cool! Just like our smartphone, kids smartwatch have a silent mode. This is handy when your kid is in class or sleeping. You can pre-set times when the watch will deactivate the sound and the notification. As I am considering getting a smartwatch for my kids, I decided to create a pros and cons list.

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I will share with you what I believe to be a benefit and what are the drawbacks. Knowing that my kids call me in case of an emergency is such a peace of mind.

Smart Watch: Best Kids Smart Watch (Free GiveAway)

Since they are young, I teach them what to do in case of emergency, and I'm pretty sure they know where to ask for help. The watch is just a more efficient way to get help. I get it why parents give a cell phone to their kids, and I would consider it. But before they are old enough to make good use of a cell phone, I think a phone watch is a great solution. When I look at the price of a smartwatch for kids compare to an iPhone, I fell it's pretty affordable for something that might get lost, broken, or forget at the bottom of the closet.

Because my kid would wear it around the wrist, I feel there is less chance to get lost or broken than a cellphone. I like the fitness and calendar features along with the educational games.

For the young ones:

I feel that my kids will enjoy the watch will learning about responsibilities and get more motivation towards an active lifestyle. Some kids might get bored after a while and stop wearing it. The watch could end up with all the others useless stuff around the house. If I'm giving this watch to my kids while they are 6 and 7, what I'm going to give them when they are 16 and Also, some watch with 2G or 3G connection, need a monthly subscription.

This will add up to all the other monthly bills we have to pay. I don't want my kids to feel like I'm always over there shoulders. Of course, I want them to feel safe, but not been continuously look over. I want them to learn to become independent and make their own choice. Not always the option they think I would prefer. I genuinely believe it's by trial and error that we evolve in life.

It's hard to do so when there's always someone looking. Also, I don't want them to become the type of persons who modify they act in front of peoples and do something completely the opposite when no one is looking. I feel like I about to give them a portable toy that will be permanently attached to them. So every time they have 5 minutes to kill they will turn to their watch. Like I'm trying to stop doing with my smartphone.