How to read text messages on iphone X

This last point is important. Sometimes, your contacts may change their numbers, or their mobile operator may disconnect them. This is why you should update your contact numbers as regularly as possible. When you message a contact with an Apple device, your iPhone sends it via iMessage by default. Because iMessages sometimes fail to send , your iPhone might instead try sending SMS messages, even to other iPhone users. However, you need to switch this feature on in Settings for it to work.

These are text messages that include some kind of media, such as images or video clips. Also, your cell plan may not cover MMS messaging. As a result, any text message sent with multimedia will fail to send. Airplane mode prevents your iPhone from sending and receiving signals. This symbol is grayed out whenever airplane mode is off.

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On the iPhone X and later models, you need to swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen to open Control Center. On earlier iPhones, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. As a bonus, sometimes toggling airplane mode on and off can clear up temporary signal hiccups, too. Will your alarm still work? Can you use Bluetooth? Here's what you need to know. You can also try deleting any Messages conversations that contain failed texts.

If you stop the speech and then want to pick up where you left off, swipe two fingers down on the screen. The reading resumes from the top of your current screen.

How to Search iMessages/Text Messages on iPhone

You can hear selected text read aloud. Turn on the switch for Speak Selection. Select some text. From the pop-up menu, tap on Speak, and your selected text is read to you. You can also hear text spoken aloud as you type it. Go back to the Speech screen in Settings. Tap on the entry for Typing Feedback. You can enable options to hear individual characters, words, and auto-text spoken aloud.

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And you can hold down each predicted word to hear it spoken aloud. Open an app in which you type text, such as Notes, Reminders, Messages, or Email. Start typing. As you type each word or character, you'll hear it spoken aloud. Return to the Speech settings. Tap on the entry for Voices.

Best Ways to Hide Text Messages on iPhone

You can now change the voices for English as well as many other languages. Tap on a language. You can download a voice you want to hear by tapping on the cloud icon. To test the voice, tap on it and press Play to hear a short clip.

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  • If you like it and want to set it as the new default, tap on it. A checkmark appears in front of the voice. Return to the main Speech settings screen.

    A Work-Around for Unread Text Messages

    You can vary the speaking rate of the voice by increasing or decreasing it. As you move the slider, the new rate of speech sounds off.

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    It never knows the text I am on, or the person or anything. I have never seen it work…. I copy the text and then go to workflow and press my button and it copies it to reminders for me. So the workflow button was the best I could do for now. Totally open to other ideas!!!! If a date is in the email or message you can tap on it to create a reminder directly from the message or email.

    How To Block Text Messages On iPhone X

    Another method is one of my personal favorite tricks, which is to use Siri for creating a reminder. I have a long message thread between myself and a good friend that I wanted to keep, so I scrolled up all the way to the beginning of the conversation, and printed it to PDF. I have an app called Phone View that does this too. Since iMessage is now finally synced through iCloud, I can do this with any message thread if I want to make sure it gets saved.

    Howie, hi. I have a long text thread I want to save to pdf. I have an iphone and Mac. Is this still a thing? The PDF will start printing at wherever you are in the message screen to the end. That can take a while. This technique preserves the imessage format and puts thumbnail images of any attachments. I have the ultimate way to save messages and more.

    There is an inexpensive software called PhoneView. Install it as an application and it automatically and easily saves your iMessages and more when you connect your iPhone to your computer.

    Note: I have no connection with PhoneView software other than being an owner and user. I did figure this out for myself to make the screenshots. I then edit them to take out any part that is not needed. I then open Google drive, next: choose new, doc. I paste the screenshots in that new doc.

    Save it with a name, and file it. You can also make notes in that same doc for the screenshots come in as pictures,. You can make them larger or smaller.