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The thought of dissolving their marriages evoked sadness and despair. But the sexual relief of their affairs made them feel capable of continuing to stay in those marriages — something they very much desired. With their sexual needs met, at least periodically, they found themselves better able to endure the daily frustrations of a shared life. They could overlook an unequal division of household labor, irritating habits, and even inattentiveness, in part because they kept such a large, stigmatized secret from their spouse. It makes sense: When we have less stress in our lives, we can afford to be more charitable toward other people.

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Going years without sexual release can certainly be a source of stress. We may want to believe that that stress only applies to men, but the women I talked to certainly challenge that idea.

For the women I spoke to, their affairs were carefully constructed to boost and reinforce their marriages, rather than to take from them. They made sure that their affairs were an outlet of release, and not the focus of their lives. Their affairs were a place where they focused solely on themselves and their pleasure and desires.

But it was a place they only visited.

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  4. They were careful not to take up residence, physically or emotionally. In these very specific circumstances, affairs improved marriages. Women were able to extend more kindness, generosity , and forgiveness to their husbands, because the sexual pleasure gained in their affairs released the tension, resentment, and frustration they had coped with for years in sexless and sexually unsatisfying unions.

    Am I suggesting all wives should have affairs? Not at all. But for the women I spoke with, affairs had saved their marriages. The sex they were enjoying in their affairs revived their ability to continue on in their marriages, preserving their families. They allowed them to once again see the joy and merit in those marriages, while previously they had been unable to see past their sexual deprivation. In these specific conditions, affairs helped keep marriages together.

    No, these women cheat because for whatever reason they want to stay married kids, money, Love, shame and they want it badly enough to lie to and betray their husbands. Some women want it all — the stability of a marriage, the economic benefits of being married to a wage earner, a dad to help take care of the kids and a sexy side piece even if it comes at the expense of their husband and could potentially break up their family in a particularly ugly and devastating way. Actually it is fair, and quite so. Did you not read and comprehend the simple sentence clearly stated: "Rather, they had invested much time and effort into trying to repair the sexual state of their marriages to no avail.

    These women are not required to satisfy your standard of approval. In fact, most affairs are never found out. So this is the choice they've made, and you don't have to like it one bit. And maybe not. In fact, if anything, men are more often violently upset about extramarital sex by their partner than women are. They do exist for many women. People who have never experienced this find it difficult to believe, but research bears this out. Marriage unless agreed upon by both parties , is not the venue for long term chastity.

    It is not like priests, nuns and monks, who have built in support systems for living a celibate state - marriage is structurally sexual. When one marries they have structurally placed themselves in the position of being the sole supplier of intimacy for their partner unless mutually agreed upon otherwise.

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    If they refuse to engage in intimacy over the long haul, then they cannot demand sexual fidelity. You don't get to practice autonomy over your own sexuality and another's sexuality - all the while refusing to intimately engage them to the best of your abilities. Rights of sexual fidelity do not trump the responsibility to be there, to act in your role as the sole supplier of intimacy to a spouse. You don't get all the rights of marriage without the responsibilities. Turn your back on your partner for long enough and you forfeit sexual fidelity privileges.

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    Maybe not divorce, but they should leave their partner. The alternative is a grim, pathetic, resentful existence. I think the only reason anyone could advocate cheating, is that state machinery exists to restrict peoples freedom to fall in and out of love, and to form trusting intimate relationships. The state should have no place in mediating relationships between intimate partners. Marriage should be based on faith and no aspect of it or divorce should be legally enforced or mediated. Did you not read the article? She prefers to stay. She knows she had the choice to leave.

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    Why should she leave? Just so people like you can bless her with a stamp of your approval??? She stayed because it's NOT as you describe it. There are plenty of people who stay in their marriages without sex, and it is not grim, pathetic, and resentful, merely because you "theorize" that it should be. Kunts like you are self-justifying pieces of crap. I hope these husbands find out and bash these bitches skulls in.

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    I am married to my wife for 9 years. My wife is a very good person and a very good mother to our daughter. My wife gained a lot of weight and after the birth of our daughter, the bladder start to leak a lot. My wife do not go to the doctor to get this fixed and always have some bad odor, which made me to withdraw from sex at all. I spoken to my wife and she always have excuses. The other problem is that my wife do not like to clean the house and most of the times if i am not cleaning, nothing will happen.

    I do not judge people who decide to have an affair, as an affair sometimes seem like an option to me as well. I want thank the author for doing her best to articulate a justification for violating the most sacred part of their marriage contract. I will review the author's history referencing the strengths of men in relationships and will be just as surprised I am sure.

    There is no doubt a balanced approach would have justified a man cheating, based on a certain set of justifications. The vows are said between 2 people. Not you, and not I.

    The husband and Wife entered their contract. I believe that the man has the same right to understand his marriage in it's entirety, as the woman has to utilize her free will. There is no excuse for give a free pass to these women for their actions. The women don't want a divorce? Who said they would divorce? Or do the women inherintly know that they are going against the will of their partner. Let me repeat on word, real quick. I read nowhere scribed in detail about the years of sex therapy these women and their husbands endured, the on-going conseling, and nowhere do I read that it is imperative that the man be given the same opportunity.

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    Could it be the women want their cock and eat it too? I think that was supposed to be cake and eat it too. The author scribes of potential, nothing acted upon, no proof that these specific men, referred to and only these men have a history of violence. If you refer the these women only, then their husbands apply. They should also know, that in addition to sucking the cum out of their wife's vajajay, that they author, labeled them wife beaters.

    Every excuse for the woman and every made up story that is bad for the man.

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    That is what makes this article a story of fiction. Not worth the keystrokes used to write it , unless you can prove or at least attempt to tell an entire story. You are missing half of the arguement. You arbitrarily believe the women and full force attack, label, and blame the men. I am sure it is writtten, in other articles the women deserved to be hit, and raped, because they didn't have the food on the table exactly at 5 pm.